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Garage Door Opener Problems And How To Fix Them

There are quite a few different issues that may actually arise when it comes to using a garage door opener. With this in mind, it’s important to be aware of the current condition of the device. It’s highly recommended that you use the services of a reliable and reputable company that capable of executing high-end maintenance, both posterior and preventive in order to ensure that your garage door opener is working as it should be.

A chamberlain garage door opener

Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues and the most convenient and common causes and fixes:

Garage door opener won’t open or won’t close

This is one of the most common issues that we’ve had to deal with throughout our experience here in AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™. The reasons could actually be different. From broken springs to broken rollers – there is no shortage of them. However, in the majority of cases, a component needs to be replaced and it’s important to quickly identify it and take care of it. Also, it’s important to take the necessary precautions throughout this period in order to ensure your safety and that of your family.

Opener Remote control fails to work

Garage door remote controls

If your remote control has failed to work, the issues might be related to dead batteries. This is a particularly common concern. Make sure to check them out quickly before you call the services of a professional company. Of course, there might be an interference of the frequencies or some other issues, which would require the services of a professional.

Grinding noises: broken garage door gear or wear-out main shaft bearings

This is usually caused when your door gets out of track or when the teeth of the screw drive have been eaten out or worn up. The reasons, once again, might vary – from rails gone bad to broken hinges and loosened screws. An inspection is absolutely mandatory and it needs to be executed in the quickest possible manner. A piece of advice here is not to operate the garage door engine until the problem has been dealt with.

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The most effective thing that you can do as well as the most recommended one is to call us and rely on the professional services of garage door opener repair in Ottawa Ontario. We are going to help you get things back in line. To read more articles and how to blog post visit our blog. We cover the area of south Ottawa, east and the west including Gatineau.

The Top Five Garage Door Opener Companies

Two single garage doors

Choose A Durable & Reliable Garage Door Opener

The top five garage door companies most thriving in Canada are exceptional. They all offer high-quality product most commonly chain or belt drive openers that typically offer from 1/2hp to 1hp; far enough power for any residential need. Certainly, they are all up to the quality standard of the Canadian market. Amidst all their similarities here is what distinguishes them.

Chamberlain and Liftmaster

Chamberlain-Liftmaster garage door opener

Chamberlain and Liftmaster are part of The Chamberlain Group, Inc. Chamberlain praises their do it yourself installation, while the Liftmaster division offers installation and customer services. Therefore, both brands offer the standards of quality trustworthy of the Canadian customers. Amongst all, Chamberlain is the best reviewed on the market. The customers’ satisfaction and product quality make it a great choice because they are cheap and reliable.

If you don’t know much about garage doors parts, Chamberlain is the reference to make a safe and sound choice. On the other hand, Liftmaster offers services for homes and businesses. They offer the high-grade quality product of the Chamberlain division. They may be a little more expensive than their counterpart, but their customer satisfaction is well established.


Company logo of Genie

Genie is an American company that offers residential and commercial garage door and great customer services. They propose powerful and reliable garage door systems. Their commercial line really stands out and you will find everything you need. Although their impression in the Canadian market is not as glorious as their competitors; most people will recommend for instance Liftmaster over Genie, they have trustworthy products.

Despite this fact, Genie has it all, powerful and reliable garage door lifter and undeniable safe integrated security system. They are also easy to find as they are available at Wal-Mart or Home Depot. Although they are available on such market, it is always wiser to shop at a local garage door company because you will benefit from the advice of professionals and an installation and repair service.


SkyLink company logo

When it comes to technological advance some companies are stronger than others, and this is Skylink. Technology has it that nowadays the Wifi is seemingly everywhere and it has made its entrance in the garage door lifter. You can now control your lifter from your computer. Skylink offers garage doors with a superior home security system.

They specialized in the SkylinkNet which is a whole system that operates in real time and let you know directly what happens at home on your phone. This is amazing and really comforting. Their prices are competitive and their beautiful design will seduce everybody.


Craftsman - 1/2 HP Belt Drive Opener

Craftsman does not exclusively sell garage door product. It is the jack of all trades for any handyman. This company has a wide variety of products from hand tools, power tools, equipment for your garden and lawn, miscellaneous gears, and a garage door section. They offer garage door opener with power that varies from 1/2HPS to 1 1/2HPS.

Craftsman openers are available with the Wifi option and the battery backup option will never let you down in the case of electricity shortage. Overall, Craftsman is a great choice if you want a good quality product and at a cheap price.

These companies are the top seller garage door openers in Canada and they can all be supplied by your local garage door Store.

Which Opener We Recommend You?

We recommend you going ONLY with Chamberlain/Liftmaster openers, they are available at all major hardware stores and tend to be affordable and reliable.

How Much Horse Power Do You Need? Chain vs Belt?

For a double door go with a 3/4HP opener, and for a single door, a 1/2HP would be just fine. If you are looking for a quieter opener, go with a belt over a chain option.

About Our Garage Door Opener Repair Services:

AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ provides 24-hour emergency garage door opener repair and installation services. We service all the opener makes and brands and we carry replacement parts, so whenever possible we router repair it for you and save you the expense of getting a new opener installed.


Our Coverage:

We cover Ottawa & the valley area, including Ottawa’s west, south and east. We are fully insured, and give warranty on both labor and parts! When you’re looking for a mobile garage door service near you, we will get to your location ASAP. We have been service Ottawa residents for a long time and been covering Kanata, Nepean, Gloucester, Orleans, and Gatineau.