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How to Identify a broken garage door spring

Broken Garage Door Spring?

STAY SAFE! If your garage door spring has broken in half, your door is much heavier than it uses to be. If your door is partially open after a spring or cable failure, NEVER try force closing or opening it or worse fixing it by yourself. We provide 24-hour emergency garage door spring replacement Ottawa Ontario and the surroundings, with a fast response time and more important professional technicians that know how to replace your broken spring with the right spring diameter and length.

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At AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ we only use the more durable high-quality torsion springs. The garage door spring holds up the heaviest part of your garage door, the actual garage door, the panels, windows and all of the attached steel hardware!

Torsion and extension springs come in many different sizes depending on your garage door and what your door is made of wood, metal or aluminum. The heavier the garage door the thicker (and sometimes longer) the torsion spring part needs to be. Most times springs don't need to be repaired but sometimes a spring adjustment is needed.

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Emergency Spring Replacement Service

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When a spring replacement is needed and your spring needs to be fixed your spring will have snapped and you can see that visible to the eye. Most single doors (8x7) need 1 spring but when the garage door is double (16x8) the door has 2 springs.

When a door has two springs it is highly recommended that both springs get replaced only because when you put a new spring the old spring has different tension which over time will allow the other spring to snap sooner which can add cost instead of to fix both at the same time so you won't see the spring broke in half.

Getting your spring replaced at AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ you can rest assured your garage door is being repaired with the best parts. When your certified technician arrives he will give you an estimate before the work is started. We cover east, west, south and center Ottawa, ON.

Affordable Garage Door Spring Replacement Ottawa Ontario

Giving you upfront pricing for the best cost. Do not try to fix your garage door extension spring as the spring hold tension and can release at a speed that can not be controlled. Call us today for same day 24/7 emergency & best quality repair at cheap prices

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