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At AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ we have trained technicians that come fully equipped with new replacement cables that can have your garage door fixed again. Garage door cable repair is a common service that can have your door working like new again. Having 1 cable replaced can be caused by not maintaining your door properly or seasonal wear and tear.

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As you can see on the image below, the bottom bracket got rusty and the cable too. When the bottom hinge is too rusty, if there is a lot of moisture due to rain or snow, consider changing the bottom hinges too, as the newly installed cable will last much longer.

Garage hinges and brackets

Cable Replacement Service in Ottawa, Ontario

Garage door cables replacement needed when one of the cables has been snapped or one of them is rusty and about to break soon. Making sure you have functioning garage door systems is our top priority. As the cables attached to the bottom hinges, they tend to get rust once in few years and break.

Safety Tip: If one of your garage door cables has been snapped, and the door is tilted and stuck partially open, DO NOT try to close it, not manually and not by using the opener! Call the nearest emergency garage door service and have them lower the door.

We only use the best and most durable cables such as standard size cables and longer ones for extension spring systems. We, at Ampm Ottawa, will make any bad issues into an excellent working garage door. Your certified service technician will make sure your overhead door cables properly inside your hinges and lubricated (only with WD40 oil based) so your garage door will move smoothly.

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Cable Off Tracks? Or Off The Bottom Hinge?

The hook (or bracket) that holds cables into the bottom brackets, might be smaller than usual, or the cable end loop might be too wide for the hook. That's why the cable can come off the door and put the door out of position. A garage door that's not properly aligned can cause daily opening and closing issues and that's why at AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ we do a 10 point inception and make sure the basics are covered. You will get the cheapest prices in Ottawa with the best quality and with full warranty on replacement of garage door cables.

Up front pricing, so the price you get will be the only price you will be charged. Garage doors are used sometimes more than your front entrance door so proper maintenance is a must. We work around the clock with our same day mobile services.

Stay safe expecially when cable or spring breaks! Watch our 7 Safety Tips Video

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