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Security is one of the basic needs of man. It is so important that over the years, people have devised various strategies to keep themselves safe and secure. AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ is one company that works night and day to ensure that this basic need of the members of the Ottawa District is met. We have a proven reputation for the supply, installation, repair, and maintenance of garage doors at the fastest pace possible and at the best rates available.

How do you feel when you get on Highway 417 or any of the 400 series highways of Ottawa Valley? Peace of mind right? We want to enhance that by ensuring that as you drive in and out of your home, you are assured of the firmness and durability of your garage door. This is important because the rate of burglary and break-ins in Canada have risen in alarming proportions in recent times. Our company offers services in the direction of maintaining your security whether you are in or outside your home.

The Services We Offer

1. 24-Hour Fast Emergency Repair Services: We are cognizant of the fact that breakdown of doors or door parts can happen at any moment. You can be locked out in one of those cold nights of Ottawa Valley with no other way to gain access to your house. This service will take care of that. It is speedy and reliable. All you need to do is contact our emergency service center and our trained professionals will be over to fix the problem. We will fix snapped garage door springs, cables, and openers, at an affordable cost and of course, every job comes with a full warranty on labor and parts.

2. Door Supply and Installation: We supply our customers with the best-in-class garage doors suitable for their houses and commercial buildings. Having the right type of door in your garage is important for security and general safety. Apart from supplying, we also provide installation services to our clients. We do this and eliminate the risk of safety breaches arising from doors installed in the wrong manner.

3. Maintenance Services: Another key service we offer to our clients is a maintenance of their garage doors or door parts. We have an annual maintenance service plan which gives us the opportunity to check the functionality of your door and door parts to keep them in the right state which they should be per time. This is a proactive way of staying ahead of the game. We are just a call away!

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