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A garage door that is off the tracks

Garage door tracks come in different lengths and widths. The track should be firmly secured and tighten. When a track gets loose, it will cause damage to the rollers, the hinges, and the top bracket bearings. A simple issue of a damaged or bent garage door track can cause also some damage to your opener's gear as the door won't slide smoothly.

24 Hour Garage Door Track Repair

When garage door tracks are not well maintained or worse, broken, cracked or got hit by a car, IT MIGHT BE A SAFETY ISSUE! If your door won't slide well due to damaged tracks, don't try to fix it your self, especially if your garage door is open or stuck in a partially open position.

We, at AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ provide fast 24 hour garage door track repair Ottawa Ontario & the surroundings such as Nepean, Orleans, Kanata, Westboro, and Barrhaven. Call us from anywhere in Ottawa & the Valley area and get quality parts and more important professional work.

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We have all seen a wide range of houses on our blocks which have their garage doors halfway down as well as crooked. There are quite a lot of different reasons for which this might happen but one thing should be considered at all costs – if you go for the do it yourself (DIY approach), you are likely to suffer in the result.

The reason is quite simple – garage doors and their moving parts such as hinges or rollers are complex mechanisms which use a variety of components for the entire process. With this in mind, failing to properly handle only one of these could lead to a lot more complications that you first had to start with. When you facing an emergency and need a the same day service, AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ is ready for your call.

In any case, we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves and provide you with a quick few reasons for which you can get your garage door off track. Let’s take a quick look.

1. Car crashes

Car crashes are without a doubt top of this chart. Unfortunately, things like this tend to happen. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – everyone misjudges from time to time. However, it’s important to note that even the slightest bump could cause the door to get off the rails and this could cause a lot of problems. Make sure to check it out immediately including placement of the cables in the drums and most important the bottom brackets.

2. Loosen hardware

Nuts and screws are going to get loosen up every now and then. This is mainly due to the daily use of the solution and the constant movement upwards and downwards on the rail. With this in mind, regular inspections and maintenance of your overhead garage door is definitely something that you might want to take into account. Make sure the torsion springs are intact and not split into 2 separate sections.

3. Rollers are worn out

The rollers are the components which allow your door to move up and down with the ease that you are usually seeing. However, with the constant use, they are going to get worn out. In some cases, it’s also possible for them to break. When this happens, you need to ensure that they are being taken care off right away.

4. Snapped cables

When a garage door cable snapped, the door might weight might be bent and get tilted and one or both of the tracks might warp or break.

Safety Tip:

If your garage door is stuck and partially open DO NOT try to force close/open it, just call a local company as the door might slam onto the floor and bent/break. For more info watch our Safety Tips YouTube Video

Garage Door Rail Repair Services

Garage door rail repair project - at work image

However, the most important thing that you should consider is the usage of the garage rails repair services of a professional company. Calling AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ is going to ensure that your door is being properly taken care of. What is more, we are capable of replacing your broken parts and making sure that everything works exactly as it is intended to. We provide our services in Ottawa west, east, south and the valley area.

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