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Our Company, AMPM Ottawa Garage Door Repair™ is the first choice for all your garage door needs in Orleans, Ontario. We have established ourselves as the preferred name in supplies, installation and repairs of garage doors and our customers have always been assured of consistency in terms of reliability, high quality and speed of service. We assure you of fair rates, highly commensurate with the speed and quality of service we offer.

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Broken Spring? Cable Off The Door? Get A Fast Emergency Response in Orleans, ON

We care about the safety of the over 114,473 members of Orleans, ON area. That is why we deem it fit to prompt you about the need to keep the issue of your garage door on the front burner. The state of your garage door at every point in time should be a priority for you because that door is very vulnerable to depreciation. This happens because you would probably have opened and close your garage door up to one thousand times in one year. The security and safety implications of having a faulty or damaged garage door can be far-reaching. You can trust our trained to offer the following services:

1. 24-Hour /7-Day Quick Emergency Services
Your door may lock you in or lock you out. The door handle can break without any notice and you do not want the horror of going to bed with your garage door open. To spare you those sleepless nights and nervy evenings, our trained professionals are available to reach you and provide service just minutes after your call. Our 24-hour emergency service is quick and reliable.

2. Remote & Opener Repairs
It is very much within our business capability to supply your new door openers, remote controls and other accessories that you require. The products we provide are durable and reliable.

3. Yearly Maintenance
Do not wait for your door to become damaged before you take the right action. Our trained professionals are poised to carry out maintenance on your garage doors yearly to adequately fend off disappointment and frustration from unexpected damages. We also assure you of very friendly rates so affordability does not stand between you and your safety.

4. Repairs of Garage Doors
If the unexpected happens and your garage door is damaged, contact us and our technicians will reach you as quickly as possible irrespective of the part of the beautiful Orleans that you are. This is our promise to you. We cover all East and West Ottawa areas including Cumberland, Innes and Gloucester, Ontario.


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