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Whether you have an industrial garage door or you own a residential one, you should go through a maintenance routine at least once a year. Cleanliness, Safety, and functionality are the key factors you need to keep in check. All garage door maintenance procedures should be done by an accredited professional door technician to respect safety and installation guarantees, although there are few repairing you can do on your own.

Give Extra Years To Your Garage Door

First, you want to listen to your door and know where the normal and functional noises come from. As soon as you hear something suspicious, you should check for few points. The easiest inspection you can do is to assure that the door is stable on the rail and is balanced; it should be straight on the rail and symmetrical. To know if your door is stable, lift it manually and release it halfway; when balanced the door should stay still.

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Make Sure You Door Is Balanced, And That Your Door Is Not Too Heavy When Lifting Manually

If the door is unbalanced it will add difficulties on the garage door opener and this pressure can cause damage over time. Thus, if this problem is left unfixed it could come to jam the garage door and it won’t open or worst the cable could break resulting in permanent damage.   Furthermore, an unbalance garage door will be uneven and will result in poor insulation. Finally, you can check for the weather strip at the bottom of the door to ensure maximum insulation and see if it is even on the floor.

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Another easy improvement to do is to keep your garage door in nice shape and clean. It will significantly help to prevent its deterioration and it only takes few minutes. You can clean the door in and out with soap, a brush, and water. Clean according to your garage door material.  A steel door won’t need the same care than a wooden door.

The steel door can be sprayed with a cold water pressure washer and won’t be damaged, but the same technique is not recommended on a wooden door because it could scratch the surface and remove the paint. Sometimes, the weather strip at the bottom of the door is cracked or damaged. In the case, you should change it.

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Clean And Lubricate The Tracks

A practical track is a clean track! Therefore, you should look for unwanted particles and clean the track with brake cleaner. Do not put grease on the track, it won’t help.  Actually, it could cause the wheel to fall off.  The only parts of the wheels that can be lubricated are the bearings.

For lubricating the tracks, use UD40 (OIL BASED)

Garage door tracks

Another item you want to check is if the roller brackets and bolts are all well tight. To do that, take the best wrench you have and verified them all one by one, the vibration it handles though a year can cause them to loose and detached. If the roller is loose, you should call a professional because they have built in pressure and could cause serious damage.

Now that all is well tightened another simple task to do is to lubricate every moving part, but again, not the track for it could cause the door to slip and break while moving. Lubricating the moving parts once a year is easy and helps to prevent long-term damage due to continuous use. There are many lubricates you can choose from and you should ask your garage door specialist regarding which one to use on what part.

An important feature to look for to ensure your safety is the photoelectric reversal system. Every now and then when you have the chance, test it. It can save lives.

The overall maintenance of your garage door will help you save money and prevent a misfortune event. Finally, in order to avoid an unfortunate accident, the environment around the garage door should always be clear of any objects in the way.

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